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In Nigeria, taxation is regulated by the three tiers of Government, i.e. Federal, State, and Local Governments. These have their various taxes and levies spelt out in the Nigeria tax laws. These bodies have been described as the invisible but senior partner in any business organization. This is because whenever any business transaction is carried out, whether the transaction is profitable or not, a liability is incurred (dividend payable) to one or more of these bodies.

In addition, the taxes due to these tiers of government sometimes overlap, with the consequence that the taxpayer is subjected to double taxation i.e. paying same tax to one or more taxing authority.

While we accept that payment of tax is a legal and social obligation, we at W. A. Kareem & Co provides tax advisory service that ensures that our clients can plan their tax liability, both amount payable and when it should be paid, in advance. We ensure they do not become victim of double taxation, and employ our legal and tax expertise to defend their position.

In addition, we assist in the procurement of tax clearance certificate, acceptance certificate for capital allowance, certificate of capital importation, tax exemption certificate etc